Superheroes have always been the object of the  imagination for all of us who are passionate about TV series and movies. They have a supernatural power or simply an attitude to solve impossible problems and they accompany us in fantastic stories. One thing for sure, their truly prodigious superpower is to make us dream and transport us for a brief moment out of our lives, into extraordinary yet believable worlds. We too have lent our voice to heroes in our dubbing and post-production Audio and Video studios in Milan providing the best possible dubbing today and we wanted to pay tribute to them with this video of our marvels.

Heroes like Niko, who finds himself so young facing the forces of evil in the animated series “Niko and the sword of light“, released on Amazon Prime Video. A small-big Luca Cortese who shows his acting skills and manages to drag us into the fight against darkness. The confirmation of a statement that as a dubbing studio we have been taking for a long time: in films and series children are dubbed as children. Talent has no age!

Candice Renoir, played by Cecile Bois and dubbed in Dream & Dream by Lorella De Luca, is the modern-day heroine who fights crime every day, barricading herself between her job as police chief in a small town in the south of France and her role as the mother of three teenage children. Her adventures are broadcasted on FoxCrime and Rai2.

Or the anti-heroines of Good Girls (Netflix), with the fantastic Alessandra Korompay, Dania Cericola and Jolanda Granato, the dubbers of the three protagonists, who try to do the right thing colliding with a system that forces them to bend the rules. They tell us how they face small and big crises, with courage and desire for redemption, for an NBC – Netflix Originals product that deserved the best possible dubbing.

Anthony Bourdain best dubbing tv show

Not to mention Anthony Bourdain, voiced by Giorgio Bonino.
He has accompanied us all over the world, in its most remote corners, with his style so deeply Rock.
He has tasted not only the most wanted or strangest foods, but he also told us the life far from the so-called civilized and advanced societies.
Worlds that we have known thanks to his “Parts Unknown” broadcasted in Italy by LaEffe.

June (dubbed by Ludovica de Caro) is instead the heroine of “The Handmaid’s Tale“, produced by Hulu and released in Italy on TimVision, based on the best-seller by Margaret Atwood. Here the protagonist tries with all her strength to fight the destiny that has fallen on her, trapping her in a despotic world. This is the series that has been the most talked about in recent years, that has reaped awards and has become the icon of the fight against gender discrimination for this reason we are honored to have edited the Italian edition in Dream & Dream.

And all the protagonists of Vikings (RAI4, Netflix, Prime Video), with the voices of Maurizio Merluzzo (Ragnar), Stefania Depeppe (Lagertha), Marcello Moronesi (Aethelwulf), Alessandro Rigotti (Heahmundin), Francesco Mei (Floki).  The TV series is set in a time when justice was for the strongest, when the Gods illuminated the path of every warrior and the values of family and clan came before everything else.

“Marvelous”: we refer to our work, to how we feel when we give voice to these fantastic stories. Because first of all we are great fans, we deeply love what we do, we put our heart into it, and when a TV series is super successful also thanks to our contribution and our best dubbing, it’s just simply wonderful for us.