Puffins, a spin-off of the animated movie “Arctic Justice”, is an animated series available on Apple TV and Prime Video.

“Puffins” follows the adventures of a group of cute little birds, minions of the sly walrus Otto. The main characters of the series are five Puffins: Johnny Puff, two males, Tic and Tac, and two females, Didi and Pie, who live with their tribe of Puffins in the vast and technological Lair of Otto (a skilled engineer and inveterate collector).

The stories range from daring missions to situations related to the small problems of everyday life, and using a kid-friendly way, they speak about some topics such as gender equality, pollution and environmental protection. These important and universal topics are treated in an ideal context: the Puffin community and the Arctic environment in which the series takes place.

Watch the trailer of the series