As a dubbing studio in Italian, Dream & Dream is inspired by the great dubbing tradition our country can boast. Thanks to a close-knit team of people who love their work and an ongoing investment in technology, we know how to streamline even the most challenging process. In doing so, we are able to match the needs of an increasingly dynamic and diversified market and a demanding public that does not accept imperfection.

In over twenty years of localization of programmes of towering importance, Dream & Dream has gained considerable prestige among the dubbing studios in Italian in its own reference market. We are indeed a reliable partner of the most important Italian broadcasters, of which we know the technical and artistic needs in advance.

A state-of-the-art dubbing studio

Working for international distributors, our priority is to relieve the customer of any problem. Dream & Dream is in fact highly committed to sticking to delivery times, ensuring quality control at any stage, coordinating the needs of the client and those of the broadcaster holding the programme rights.

Dubbing is similar to the mechanism of a clock: one defective part inevitably compromises the whole mechanism. Internal checks as well as an exchange with the customer are guaranteed along the whole dubbing process. Before being adapted, translations are reviewed by a supervisor according to the established criteria in terms of language and stylistic choices. Adaptation is performed by the Dubbing & Dialogue Director in charge with the programme. When long series needs adaptation, the Dubbing Director is supported by his closest collaborators.

The artistic part of the process is managed by our Internal Directors and a small number of loyal and highly reliable External Directors. Roles are distributed among the best voice talents from the main Italian dubbing hubs, that is Milan, Rome, and Turin. In addition, thanks to our school, we are introducing a bunch of new talents to the dubbing market every year, thus contributing to making the offer even wider.

In recent years, Dream & Dream’s school has been tailored to children too. This allows us to limit the use of adults who imitate children’s voices.

Dream & Dream devotes the same attention and effort to the dubbing of all kinds of programmes: films, live-action series, animation series, classic documentaries, documentaries-reality shows, live shows.

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