Our professional dubbing courses in Milan are expressly designed for allowing leavers to enter the labour market straight away, not to fuel a temporary passion.

They are taught by well-known professionals in the sector and allow for a maximum of 6 students per course. In addition to theory, our courses provide a lot of ‘hands on practice’ on the microphone.

Applicants are required to have a correct diction and have previously attended an effective acting course. For this reason, applicants are admitted only if they have passed the so-called ‘suitability’ test.

The course and audition dates are published from time to time in the News section of our website.

Professional dubbing courses in Milan


For those who, despite being familiar with acting and having a correct Italian diction, are approaching the dubbing universe for the first time. This course covers all the issues regarding the use of the voice, the microphone, articulation and breathing.
Schedule: 12 lessons (2 per week) of 3 hours each in the evening, from 6pm to 9pm.
L’orario è serale: dalle 18:00 alle 21:00.



For those who have already approached dubbing or have already attended a course. The goal is to fine-tune the technique and improve microphone acting. The course provides theory and practice training, with the aim of developing acting sensitivity so as to get ready to more demanding roles.
Schedule: 12 lessons (2 per week) of 3 hours each in the evening, from 6pm to 9pm



We have long argued that, except in some special cases, children should be dubbed by children, in full compliance with methods and working hours established not only by law but also common sense. This is true for TV series, cartoons, movies and commercials.
Our Children’s courses therefore aim to train small and talented voice actors. The course will start off by providing reading opportunities and diction exercises. The following step will be to refine the technique on the microphone. The teachers are experienced professionals who can effectively interact with children.
A maximum of 6 children are admitted. The course, whose schedule is agreed on with parents, consists of 12 lessons of 2 hours each. Obviously, our Children’s courses are held when school is over and during holidays/vacations!