Stefania Depeppe

Actress | Dubber | Speaker

I was born in Milan in 1975 and therefore, I entered the forty… but I don’t wear them so bad, after all.
I started reading and talking from a very young age and I never stopped: this already said a lot about the job I would have done in the future …
I am an actress, voice actress and advertising speaker.
Words are my daily bread and my voice my favorite tool.
I believe in dreams and respect for life.
Mother by choice and vegan by love.

Some of my works
  • Lale | Gangs of London (Sky Atlantic)
  • Lagertha | Vikings (RAI)
  • Serena | The Handmaid’s Tale (Timvision)
  • Akko | Little witch Academia (Netflix)
  • Keke | True Jackson (Nickelodeon)
  • Sonya | Continuum (AXN SciFi)
  • Fiona | McLeod’s Daughters (RAI)
  • Alice | Patriot (Prime Video)
  • Yasmine | Candice Renoir (Fox Crime)
  • Lyra | Niko and the Sword of Light (Prime Video)
  • Female 1st Character | Fallout 4 (Videogame)

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