Dream & Dream was proud to provide the Italian dubbing for “The Mauritanian”, one of the most anticipated movies that speaks about some important topics.

The prison camp of Guantanamo is a black hole in the consciousness of the USA and the whole democratic West.
What rips are created in the fabric of democracy when we give up to the principle that all criminals, even the more heinous ones, have the right to go through a fair trial?
This occurs too often in those countries that are heading towards a dictatorship.

Scene from the movie The Mauritanian ©STXFilms

When it occurs in a democracy, the artistic world must face the dark side in order to prove that the country retains effective antibodies.

THE MAURITANIAN is the movie that has dared to do so.

In her most important line, Nancy Hollander –Mohamedou Ould Slashi’s lawyer, beautifully played by Jodie Foster – points out that she’s not going to defend an individual, but the founding principles of a democratic judicial system.

Mohamedou was imprisoned for 14 years in Guantanamo. He was also kept imprisoned for 7 years after being found innocent.
He was an Al Qaeda fighter against USSR in Afghanistan and his cousin was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Mohamedou is the classic example of a suspect who is forced to spend an indefinite time in a sort of preventive detention, without the right of defence and formal charges, in a no man’s land far away from his beloved ones.
He talked about his terrifying experience – including the physical and the mental tortures inflicted on him in order to extort him a confession – in the book Prisoner 760, on which the film is based.

doppiatrice Jodie Foster mauritanian
Laura Boccanera is the italian voice of Jodie Foster.
Picture of Jodie Foster ©STXFilms
Picture of Laura Boccanera ©MaurizioPittiglio.it

In the Italian version of The Mauritanian, Laura Boccanera gave her voice to Jodie Foster. This is actually a case of close connection between a star and her dubber.

As for Mohamedou Ould Slashi, played by the Algerian actor Tahar Rahim, it was necessary to select a great dubber with a voice as similar as possible to Mohamedou’s. Indeed, we hear Tahar’s real voice in the Italian version as well, when he speaks Arabic and French.

Doppiatore Tahar Rahim mauritanian
Renato Novara is the italian voice of Tahar Rahim.
Picture of Tahar Rahim ©STXFilms
Picture of Renato Novara ©RenatoNovara.it

The all-star cast also includes Shallene Woodley, dubbed by Chiara Leoncini, and Benedict Cumberbatch, dubbed by Riccardo Niseem Onorato.

The Guantanamo open wound, the best-selling book by Mohamedou Ould Slashi, the astounding representation of the Guantanamo detention camp, the Kevin Mcdonald’s direction (The Last King of Scotland), the Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress to Jodie Foster, are all elements that make The Mauritanian one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

Dream & Dream approched the dubbing process with the utmost respect.
More than ever it was fundamental to maintain all the emotions in the delicate transfer between two different languages.



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