Dubbing cartoons and animated series is part of Dream & Dream’s tradition.

In the last years we gave voices to a lot of series with human beings, such as Vikings, Handmaid’s Tale, Upload, Candice Renoir, The Wilds, Gangs of London.

They all follow the stories of some human beings who do their best in order to conquer something or to escape from something.

In the meantime, we also entered into a different world, a parallel universe, where heroes do actually the same things, but they are able to exceed all limits thanks to the infinite wings of imagination.

We are talking about the amazing universe of cartoons.

We turned the corner and met an old pal, Topo Gigio, that still manages to soften the hearts of the children of all ages.

We thought that we had already reached the peak of imagination, but then we met an eternal heroine. We found ourselves into the crazy world of Alice & Lewis, where Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece explodes again with fantasy and irony.

When we opened a magic door, fantasy reached a new dimension – we fell into the game of Dungeons and Dragons and into the funny but dangerous world of The legend of Vox Machina, lived by the weirdest coven of anti-heroes we have ever seen.

Then, we opted for a strategic withdrawal, but we found ourselves in an even rougher world, full of agitated kids and monstrous teachers. Elvis Riboldi stood out among all as a true magnet for troubles.

Looking for a quieter world, we ended up making a great discovery: dinosaurs did not go extinct. Somewhere in the imagination world there is a place called Dinocity, where kids enjoy the life of a dino-family, with dino-problems, dino-joys and a lot of dino-simpathy.

We thought it was the best of all possible worlds, but then we met the Game Catchers. These strange kids, we must say, usually spend most of their finding out how extra-terrestrials love to play in other planets. We were lucky enough to catch them on the Earth.

Dubbing cartoons and animated series is always a journey full of wonders: in Dream & Dream dubbing studio we have become children again and keep our long-term professionalism at the same time. It’s a journey that involves a great commitment to a demanding audience – the children of all ages.